Cold and Flu


For this assignment I am trying to raise awareness to the cold and flu season that is about to hit. In the message I offer simple steps on how to not spread the flu to everyone regardless of where you are at. I believe safety measures should be taken so we don’t end up missing work or class due to a simple bug. I had some fun tinkering with new software as I like to learn different software to add to my bag of tricks I have acquired over the years. The most difficult part of the assignment was getting peace and quiet from roommates and neighbors. What a spendy day. It cost me 2 trips to Papas Pizza and a beer to attain the quietness I needed to complete this project. The fun part was arranging the audio and sound effects……. Hopefully I didn’t overdo it like I tend to do on fun projects. I hope the message I have tried to convey in this project has been useful. i have been hospitalized due to the flu and I don’t want to see anyone end up there when it can be prevented by simple means. Thankyou all hope you have a good weekend.

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