Learning The Four Numbers

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What do the numbers 1, 2, 7, and 14 have in common. According to Scott Myers, author of Go Into The Story, a blog on screenwriting, they are the key to expanding your understanding of the screenwriting craft. In one of his blog posts he say you should do the following; Read one screenplay per week, watch two movies perweek, write seven pages per week, and work fourteen hours per week prepping your story.

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Known for his work on K-9 (Starring Jim Belushi and Jenifer Love Hewitt), Scot Myers has been screenwriting since 1987 and since then has produced over thirty projects in Hollywood. He is an award winning writer and co-founder of the Screenwriting Masterclass, and he has hosted the blog, Go Into the Story since 2008. His blog offers help and advice to aspiring writers and storytellers.