P3 blog assignment-Jeremie

P3 blog assignment-Jeremie

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This is a main blogsite with sub-sites on various social media and how to’s. Example:” Pinterest says the maximum number of hashtags you can use is twenty. The number of hashtags isn’t the most important piece – it’s more important that you choose relevant, on-topic hashtags for your content. Don’t just add twenty because they recommend it. I’m going to test four – five hashtags on my pins.”- Peg Fitzpatrick

She has many more subjects. However, you must be a member to post to this blog which stinks. The information I got from the site helps me with some questions I have on social media. There are even tutorials on a video feed that explains each step in the social media arena. I, personally am resistant to social media, but this site address some of my fears and I might consider trying Pinterest as my first social media outing. A fear is my ex’s finding me and trashing my reputation on a social media site and hindering my chances for a job since most employers check that stuff now a days. It is a constant fear of what they might say out of spite. So careful monitoring of your name on social media might protect you down the road and save you a disappointment down the road at a job interview.



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