Cartoon Brew

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I chose this site because I’ve always been very interested in animation and I think this site is a great way to keep updated on what’s going on in the animation industry, I stumbled upon it a while back while looking for tutorials and found that it has a lot of great information. It’s frequently updated with posts about new shows, movies, and shorts, and even contains articles with insight from prominent animators. I think it’s a good resource as well because the site is pretty simple and straight forward to navigate, with the drop down menu providing links to resources such as job searches, links to different categories of interest, and includes a search bar for navigating to specific articles you may be looking for or themes you might be interested in. I think for the purpose the site is fairly well laid out, the news style lay out is familiar, with the prominent article of the day larger in the center, and smaller links to other/older articles laid out along the sidebars.

By: Andrea Del Rio