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This blog is about storyboarding and offers a good amount of information on the topic. It goes over what is storyboarding and how helpful it is to the creative process. It saves you time and energy having a plan in the production process of media. It goes over every topic with storyboarding and explains how to make them and even has a printable worksheet to even help you make story boards yourself. I picked this topic because I love to draw, and i eventually want to have a career in storyboarding. I love the production side of media arts and if I combine the two you get storyboarding. The blog itself looks very well done. There are many buttons to click on and direct you to other blogs and topics. There is also a comment section that is very active. This site was the best looking and somewhat new blog I could find on the topic of storyboarding. The others didn’t seem well put together and didn’t have the information I was looking for. If you’re interested in starboarding or need help understanding what and how to get into storyboarding, I highly recommend this blog post. Thanks for reading!