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Erin Outdoors:

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Erin Outdoor’s blog contains stories, advice, and inspiration, as well as tips on gear for traveling and photography. The young blogger/photographer graduated with a bachelors in Visual Arts and Environmental Studies, and hasn’t stopped working hard since. In many of her articles there is a recognizable pattern of optimism and empowerment that urges others to challenge themselves to “live life like they mean it”. It is my dream to incorporate my creativity into traveling and when I read her blog those dreams feel so close to reality. I hope that others might find some sort of motivation or encouragement from this blog, or at least get the chance to see some of her amazing photos.

One of my favorite things about this blog is that there is an option to join her and other guides on trips to different parts of the world. If someone decides to join her on a trip there is a page on her blog with all the tour details. The site is decorated with high resolution photos from the blogger’s travels giving it a very original and simplistic design. The quality of information on this blog is very helpful in many ways. Repeatedly she posts about not giving up. Just keep working and keep trying. She also gives reviews on gear, information on where to get it, and things to expect in different cultures, creating a well rounded inspirational travel/photography blog.