Unurth, a massive global art expose

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The site that I have chosen is called Unurth Street Art, which can be reached easily through this link:


I have chosen Unurth Street Art because it is an incredible expose of Street and public art from around the globe featuring murals, installation pieces, mixed media, sculpture, video, photography, essays, and colorful individuals. I have always been fascinated by any form of public art that exists out of the confining showcase of the art gallery and is free to influence the social culture of all who view it.

The site is incredibly huge and have spent hours and hours pouring through the site’s  contents and have seen no apparent end to it. It is an incredible source of every type of visual information about most any subject one can think of: politics, society, religion, imagination, decoration and you name it. All types are represented from as many different cultures as possible. Many of the artists that have work shown in the blog have written included biographies and essays about their art posted with their images. Anyone who has an interest in street/public art would find inspiration and influence from imagination and talents of amazing artists from everywhere around the world.

At first glance the blog site appears to be simple, but it is far from that. The main focus of the site is entirely on the artists and it is extraordinarily well arranged with vast amounts of visual and textual information. The main routes through the site are a basic feed, an artist index, and quick links to observe the works of extremely popular street artists such as Banksy.  The site also provides easy access to be able to comment on individual artists and specific pieces, with direct links to both Facebook and Twitter. Subscribing to the site is super easy with the subscription link posted on every page.


By Jason Dallas