Better late than never… right?


This is a sail boat if you’ve never seen one..


For my interview, I interviewed my dad’s coworker, Jack. He’s a 28-year-old graphic designer who works for Skookum Marine. He doubles as a handyman with simple tasks when they need help around, as well as creates graphics and uses his own font for boats and their name.

Q: How did you get into graphic design?
“I grew up in a pretty artistic family, so it’s always been around me. It also helped that I drew a lot growing up. I remember in High School we had to create a company for a project, I was the one who created our logo and found myself getting more into the logo than I had first anticipated. After that I looked into creating more logos for actual people and their companies.”
Q: What’s the process of creating a logo?
“It all starts when the customer gives me their idea, or their previous design. If they want to start brand new they pitch me their idea and I work with it right in front of them so they can see my design and tell me what they like or don’t like about it. Doing it right there makes it easier for me, I can change it to their exact vision. If they bring in a previous logo but want it updated it’s basically the same procedure, I will usually add on or take off some simple details to make it more modern.”
Q: How long does it take from start to finish?
“It all depends with the work they want on the boat. I personally usually spend about six hours on average on creating the design from start to finish, boat repairs guys spend about four to five days working and preparing the boat itself for the design. Their process is sanding, buffing and sometimes repainting the area where the logo will go on.”
Q: Have you ever had a customer dislike one of your designs?
“I haven’t had that happen yet, and hopefully that never happens hahah. Our goal here is to make sure our customers are always satisfied with what they’re paying for. We always want to do a quality job and keep our customers coming back for another job.”
Q: Overall, how do you like the career that you’ve chosen?
“I think I chose something that won’t be a drag to come to every day. Working for Scott (Jack’s boss) is great, he’s a great boss to work under. He’s really understanding on our needs as employees and makes sure we enjoy what we’re doing here. Specifically, I enjoy what I do here creating designs and helping out the guys when they need a hand. I could never do a job where it’s the same thing every day after working here.”
Before interviewing Jack I knew nothing about him except he was a handyman and a graphic designer, but nothing on a personal level. After my interview and seeing how much Jack genuinely enjoys his job here it really opened my eyes to make sure I work somewhere that I enjoy going to, and that I love what I’m doing.
The end. 
By: Francis Pardo