Interview with Local Lead Designer

I reached out to a local digital marketing agency called Ruby Porter, and I got in contact with the lead designer Megan Wood.

She agreed to sit down with me for roughly thirty minutes, and I brought a list of questions with me to ask.

It started out as a simple back and forth conversation to get both of us comfortable, then I started asking some questions about how she got to where she was, the work her company does, and other questions that came to mind.

Once we started talking about the business operations, we got into a pretty good conversation. She told me about her journey into her position, and that she never really expected to get to where she was.

A lot of creative work is learning, tweaking, and changing things as you go.

The thing she highlighted the most about what would make a student successful, is being skilled in all areas of media arts.

Similar to what Professor Goolsby talked to us about, it’s pretty much the norm for businesses now-a-days to require you have skill in all areas of adobe. So you should become solid in graphic design, videography, photography, and learn as much as you can, and once you find the one you have a lot of passion for, try to work on mastering that one aspect.

Another thing she mentioned that was very similar to Goolsby, was how businesses work these days. After exploring the company and asking how everything works, there isn’t really one job for one person. Everybody works together to problem solve and find solutions, so you need to be skilled in many areas.

I think that exploring your interests and learning the ins and outs of whatever it is you’re interested in learning is very important. That way you’ll have a lot to offer a company when you want to work for them.

She also mentioned using as many resources as we possibly can. A lot of her points she makes, are things we hear every day from all the professionals that come and speak to us, which makes what they say stick more since I was hearing it from a lead designer.

I think Lane offers so much for us to explore what we’re interested, more than people realize. So talking to people about your ideas and goals can really lead you down a path to figuring out what you love and want to focus on.

I started out in this class really into web design, but after talking to people, learning and experimenting, I think I really like making videos.

The professional business process of a creative wasn’t exactly how I thought it was. I thought that if you got your degree in graphic design, you’d spend your entire time in photoshop creating graphics.

However, I learned that being a creative is much more. You need to share your ideas, help people with projects that require skills outside of just photoshop, and expand your talents as much as you can.