Skateboarding: Visually and Physically Impressive.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.34.08 PMSkate Daily is a blog site that provides news and videos regarding skateboarding. They categorize all posts with dates to help organize the massive amount of information they have on the site. Skate Daily has skate videos that I enjoy watching and they provide great information regarding the video, like who is in the video, where it was shot, and the date.

To me this is a great resource for someone like me to find a focused area in which to see cool skate videos.
The site has a cool layout that is targeted towards others interested in skateboarding and it really shows in the design. It is a bit messy but that does not bother me (or the target audience). It is produced well because it knows its strengths, focus on detailed explanations of videos and knowledgeable information regarding skateboarding and that makes it interesting.

The quality of the information is simple but very easy to understand. Most of the posts are about videos or upcoming contests. One recent post is the results of a contest as well as the list of contestants provided below a video of highlights. Some posts are about news regarding certain companies involved in the skate community. One post by Bryce Kanights talks about “Vans Pro Skate Park Series Announces Partnership With International Skateboarding Federation”. These are cool topics I like reading about.

In my opinion the site is very cool and very much focused on bringing skate content to those interested or involved. I started skating very recently and enjoy seeing pros and amateurs landing or trying new tricks. Hopefully one day I could possibly write for this site and/or see my own skate videos featured on the site.