Professional Audio Blog Search

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For my chosen professional blog post, I choose Splice blog. You can find it here at this link.

I choose this blog because it focusses mainly on music production and related news, which is what I might be interested in doing someday. The site features all kinds of production tools, tutorials and tips on how to do certain production techniques, as well as what they mean, news relating to music and music production, artist interviews, and some interesting videos. The site doesn’t have a whole lot of videos yet.

The website is very nicely laid out, making it easy to locate posts. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a search bar yet, so the user can’t lookup specific posts. The site seems to have been created in 2014, so I’d say it’s still fairly new. The website is also very clean looking and organized. Nothing seems too cluttered and the posting all seem well written out.

One really good resource I found from this site is the different kinds of tutorials you can find. Although there’s not a lot, the ones that are posted provide a ton of information to get one started. There 101 series for example. This post talks about what reverb is, all the different kinds of reverb, and the best reverb practices. Lots of information while still being short and sweet.

For me wanting to know and get into music production, this is a good starting blog to find out tads of information about the industry and the practices. Of course if someone wants to find out more, they are always free to check out other sites or various videos. This blog might not have all of the information one might hope for, but it’s still very good.


-By Tyler Plummer