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My name is John Warner Lee, I am twenty years old and was born in the northern suburbs of Chicago. I haven’t lived in the same state for more than two years since I was thirteen. Chicago will always be my home in my mind. I moved to Eugene on short notice after some complications with a school in Washington and have been loving it here ever since. I consider myself very lucky to have lived in a lot of places at such a young age. It has allowed me to meet a ton of people and something I’ve noticed knowing so many people is how small of a world this is. This summer I gave a speech in front of 300 people at my grandpas celebration of life. Seeing so many people come pay their respect, I soon after made it a goal in life to make as many connections with as many different people as I can. I have been into photography since I took a photo class in seventh grade. My teacher told me I had an eye and to keep it up, and as of recently that is what I have decided I want to do with my life. I try to switch up my style and what I shoot as much as I can. I am currently a volunteer photographer at the Wow Hall. I work at Joe’s Burgers on U of O’s campus making mountains of fries. I skateboard around everywhere and if its dry you can find me at the park. I plan to live in Eugene for the next year working on getting accepted in to a photo school somewhere in CA; take my new found media art knowledge with me !

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