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Hello! My name Is Trenten, and I am 26 years. My course of study is multi media design, I am a full time student, I work a full time graveyard job, as full as a full time dad of a 7-year-old boy named

Meadowview Warriors

Kolten. Not to mention I coach 3 sports a year. To say I keep busy might be an understatement. With all that I do I have been giving a nickname from my son and all his teammates. They know me as Superman.


I am currently engaged to the love of my life and am in the process of planning a wedding, which believe it or not is the most difficult thing I am doing in my life right now. Coaching is a huge part of my life, its what I enjoy most outside of my family. I coach football, basketball, and baseball. My son plays all 3 sports and I have been coaching the same group of kids for the past 4 years. Its been one of my greatest joys watching these kids grow before my eyes as if they are my own. I hope to someday after I graduate to be in the media sports field. Weather it be sports radio, ESPN or covering a team in some way like the Portland Trailblazers.

I am hoping that I can successfully combine my sport knowledge with my multi media degree and have a lasting career I enjoy.

p.s. Don’t tell anyone who I am 😉


By: Trenten Chalmers

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