An Unfinished Portait of Sound and Emotion

This work in progress that I call my life began on June 2nd of 1990 in a town called River Pines in the Eastern mountains of California, lost in pine, oak and mountains. It was a small town with a convenience store, a river, biker bar and post office. Nowadays, it’s nothing more than a fist full of houses, that same general store and the same old river with a population of 312. It’s not much, but many great works started from such humble beginnings.

At 14 (April 5th, 2015), I moved to Eugene, Oregon and began my first (under the table) job as a roady for an alternative rock band in Portland called “Mediam”. During this time, I gained an understanding, appreciation and passion for music, which lead to my current major in Multimedia (focused toward audio engineering). At age 15, I picked my first guitar out of a dumpster and began my plunge into what has become my life’s passion. By 2 years time, I was writing, playing and recording my own music out of my living room, forming bands and playing small gigs here in Eugene.

My Name Is “Not Cobain”

I found trouble finding other musicians that wanted to form a band due to my sister’s influence and decade displacement, but it didn’t hinder my mission in the slightest. Instead, I found myself picking up what instruments I needed and teaching myself to play them, in place of band-mates. My undeterred passion lead to solo project’s name:

  Adamant Eve

Adamant Eve: Something’s Happening…



       1. refusing to be persuaded or to change one’s mind        



  1. the day or period of time immediately before an event or occasion



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