P4 Audio/ Baseball Introductions by Drew Eggers

Ever since I was a little kid I marveled at the voices on the radio that told me what was happening in a sporting event. I always thought it was a special bond with the announcer and the listener. It is the announcers job to describe an event to you without any images to see. I see that as a skill that is easier said then done.

I wanted to see with this audio assignment if I could create a feel like you were actually listening to a real game that was being broad casted  I invented a baseball team called the ” Portland Pioneers” which I also use for a fantasy baseball team I manage. I thought it would be fun to use the fictional franchise I created and also use my friends names on the team. For the opposing team I used real players though.

I voiced all of the introductions myself and found the intro music and crowd noise on free music outlets. Another inspiration for me wanting to make this was my dad had a tape made of him back in the 80’s by a professional who made fictional cassettes of people playing sports. For instance he would call a full game that never happened and enter in your name so you were the one playing in the fictional game. I thought that was a cool idea and always been inspired by hearing that.

I also chose baseball because it is seen as the most challenging sport to do because of all the down time. With the constant pausing, you have to always come up with something related to the game to say. Coming up with fun facts during the game is what makes a guy like Vin Scully so great at what he does.

By Drew Eggers

Word Count:300

baseball image