Audacity Fun


Audacity break-down

My goal for the audacity project was to create something fun, with a solid audio piece. Being a student of radio early on I thought it would be fun to do my own voice, alongside a well-known broadcaster.

I went with an NBA game setting where Cleveland takes on the Houston Rockets. Dick Vitale, a well known NCAA announcer will be my “partner” in crime. Although he is well know outside of the NBA, I thought it would be fun to pretend like I was a casual announcer inviting a friend. So that’s exactly what we did, spoke back and forth with live and fun energy.

I have to say, sometimes audio can feel so real and I had a very fun time emulating someone else’s voice. A unique one such as Mr. Vitale really made for a challenging recording as well. Capturing the hoarseness of his voice was tough without distorting completely.

Mixing with pro tools I feel I made a strong clean piece. Some Phhss, and Hsss could have been cleaned up but I did what I could in the time given.

Uploading to sound cloud was a breeze, as well as the blog. Hopefully it will present well in class and everyone will get a laugh or two.