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Bug Out! Insect Photography with Alex Wild

Alex Wild: The Diversity of Insects

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I chose this blog because I find insects and photography separately very fascinating, and this is the perfect mashup of the two. However, the man behind this site isn’t just a photographer, he has a Ph.D in Entomology as well. Alex Wild (the blogs’ creator) is well known in the scientific community as well as the photographic community and has done work with National Geographic, Popular Science, and BBC Wildlife; just to name a few. He also has a blog dedicated to just ants specifically, you can find it here. A good resource of this website is to be entertained by his photography, but also learn a bit as well by reading the pictures’ captions’. Another good resource of this blog is the fact that every photograph you see, you can purchase a print of it online. I think the blog is very sleek and well produced, with its vivid photos against the black background, everything pops quite nicely. The navigation of the site is also nice and simple, all of your options are on the left bar of the page, and to fullscreen a photo, you just click on it. The quality of information is great; it doesn’t give you excess, unnecessary info. If you read the captions, the “About Alex” page, and any other directory; you get important information that’s short, sweet and to the point. I highly recommend this blog if you like wildlife photography/nature photography, and like to see the slightly-scientific side of photography.

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Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 11.28.15 AM.png the one thing that I am truly addicted to is film. film gossip, film trivia, behind the scenes or stories of preproduction I love it all. if theres a title above a blog that says something like. “8 things you don’t know almost —– these movie” I’m almost certainly gonna click that link.

the movie blog .com is basically what I would want from a film blog if I were to search for one (which I did) I choose it because of its various topics regarding how well a film is doing or fun facts about popular names.

I feel like this blog started more humbly but has gone to more popular attention grabbing subjects. already from checking out the page I have found out about speilbergs bipolar wife, scenes in the movie goodfellas that actually happened and why the new blade runner movies hype is exceeding itself. (all things I found I had to know about)

the quality of the blog is great. its clean and easy to navigate and like the film industry always has new material to bring to the table. who ever is running the blog …..

ARTISTS NETWORK connecting artists with ideas, inspiration and instruction

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This is an amazing blog for artists. From what I can tell anyone can post to this blog and it categorizes them in different types of arts and mediums. I like how interactive and categorized it is for each artist and most of them you can link to the artists page and leave comments and interact with them. They are constantly updating and adding new content and artists. I haven’t used it outside of class but out of all of them that looked at this seemed to have the most unique content because anyone can post and comment. I have spent some time looking around this site and don’t feel like I’ve scratched the surface. Check it out and definitely think about posting something on it…..I am!


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I found Film Independent to be a great resource. I was looking for a blog about filmmaking and the process behind it. There are many different content creators submitting to the blog discussing topics from how to conduct an interview to lessons people have learned through the years. This blog can be a valuable resource for anybody interested in filmmaking or writing. The site itself is very well produced! The content is clean and organized as well as free of ads!

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For example one article talks about permits and where they are required when shooting. Meri Hilalian, the author of this article, goes into detail about her interview with LA filmmakers. They talked about how any public space requires a shooting permit. The police are also a major part of filming, such as blocking off roads and keeping the public back from the scene. One subject I really took away from this reading was the parking rule. I had never given it any thought but all cast and crew must park on private property, such as a church parking lot. This is due to an awareness that people do live and work in these areas and they must be respectful of their lives while filming.