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Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 11.28.15 AM.png the one thing that I am truly addicted to is film. film gossip, film trivia, behind the scenes or stories of preproduction I love it all. if theres a title above a blog that says something like. “8 things you don’t know almost —– these movie” I’m almost certainly gonna click that link.

the movie blog .com is basically what I would want from a film blog if I were to search for one (which I did) I choose it because of its various topics regarding how well a film is doing or fun facts about popular names.

I feel like this blog started more humbly but has gone to more popular attention grabbing subjects. already from checking out the page I have found out about speilbergs bipolar wife, scenes in the movie goodfellas that actually happened and why the new blade runner movies hype is exceeding itself. (all things I found I had to know about)

the quality of the blog is great. its clean and easy to navigate and like the film industry always has new material to bring to the table. who ever is running the blog …..