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I found Film Independent to be a great resource. I was looking for a blog about filmmaking and the process behind it. There are many different content creators submitting to the blog discussing topics from how to conduct an interview to lessons people have learned through the years. This blog can be a valuable resource for anybody interested in filmmaking or writing. The site itself is very well produced! The content is clean and organized as well as free of ads!

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For example one article talks about permits and where they are required when shooting. Meri Hilalian, the author of this article, goes into detail about her interview with LA filmmakers. They talked about how any public space requires a shooting permit. The police are also a major part of filming, such as blocking off roads and keeping the public back from the scene. One subject I really took away from this reading was the parking rule. I had never given it any thought but all cast and crew must park on private property, such as a church parking lot. This is due to an awareness that people do live and work in these areas and they must be respectful of their lives while filming.

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