p1 About Jade!

Hi! I’m Jade Wilkerson. I am 18 years old.

This is my first year of collage.

I lived in Oregon my whole life. I was born in Roseburg then moved to Eugene about four to five years ago. I like being in nature and camping. I did Northwest Youth Coup last summer, traveling around Oregon doing conservation work by fixing trails and getting rid of invasive species by camping for five weeks. I worked at Crater lake, Eagle lake in Portland, the mountains of Gold beach, the Umpqua river, and this tiny island on the Mckenzie River.

I have a cat named Ricky Bobby, he’s a black bobtail cat. I have a tattoo of him on my leg. I have a twin sister name Jasmine and two younger step brothers name Chris and Raven. I want to be a animator or a forest ranger. I’m still not sure which one i want to do more. I was also thinking about going into acting. I have been drawing for almost ten years, I’m still practicing. I want to make a cartoons or comics.

My favorite type of music is nu metal, My favorite bands are Korn and System of the down. My Favorite shows is What we do in the shadows, and Adventure time. And my favorite movies is Interview with a vampire, Lost boys, and the good son.

by: Jade Wilkerson