A little About Me

My name is Joseph and Iā€™m born and raised in Oregon.

I’ve been up and down the west coast. I’ve been to Washington, California, Arizona, Nevada and well to the Hawaiian Island of Maui for various occasions.

I love to play Video Games like Warframe, Sid Meier’s Civilization Six, The Crew Motorfest, and many others. I also have a fascination with animations. I actively watch some animators on YouTube like Crydiaa, Sashley, and DJayeRemixTheFox, and more.

This isn’t my first time here at Lane Community College. I started the fall of 2019 but I stopped because of Covid then I tried with Full Sail University but that didn’t last long. Fall of 2022 I called LCC and asked about the in person classes at that time and I was informed that most classes were available in person and more were opening up so I tried joining in the winter of 2022 but I decided to not join that term for financial reasons then I joined in the fall of 2023. 

I hoping that after this class I can continue my goal of helping others through rough times as I have had in the past so I’m hoping that with the animations I make or the games that I may be apart of I can help others find a gateway to a happy place to escape reality for while they are in a rough time of their lives.

By: Joseph Reiter