Final Project, Mason Perkins

This project was a lot of fun but animating something on your own is hard, not to mention this is my first animation over 3 seconds long. I had to learn some things about animation in order to complete it, and my existing knowledge was put to the test. while I think I did well, especially for the timeframe, there were some things I know about animation that I either couldn’t do or forgot until it was too late to go back. I don’t think anyone but animators would notice those things though so I’m more shooting myself in the foot for saying anything.

I’m going to keep animating although its a hell of a pastime, literally the time passes faster than I can make meaningful progress. This experience has helped me feel out animation and how I want to steer my career accordingly to my likes and dislikes while working on an animation.

I’m continuing work on this animation including some reworking along with around 30 seconds of new animation. In the future unless I’m working with people and animation speaking characters I’ll stick to a single music track for the whole animation. I possibly will make it a part 1 and 2 and finish 1 first then move to part 2 which will be Jester finally getting that bag.