P6 ”How to take beautiful autumn leaves photos on iPhone”

My final project is a video on how to take beautiful autumn leaves photos on iPhone. I love the fall scenery in Eugene and wanted to take pictures to commemorate the beautiful autumn leaves around town. And I like to post beautiful pictures on my Instagram stories, so I made the pictures in portrait orientation so that I can post them. I edited this video using the “InShot” app, which I also used in my previous project. The background music is from the app. There were many songs to choose from, but I think the song I chose for this video is very suitable.

I took so many pictures of autumn leaves for this project that it was very difficult to decide which ones to use for the video. I used the iPhone’s screen recording function to show how I often make settings when taking pictures, and included that in the video as well. I also included some bad examples of photos that didn’t look good, so I think it’s easier to understand. If you like what you see in this video, I hope you will imitate me and take not only photos of autumn leaves, but also various other kinds of photos.

Madoka Shimmyo