P6 Final – Noah

For this project, I decided to make another song/video mostly because it’s just what I enjoy doing, but also explore a different side musically and incorporate a narrative into the visual aspect. First off, I want to provide some context to what themes I’m portraying as well as the overall structure. The song mainly covers feeling embarrassed and resentful about the struggles of one’s condition, but reflecting back on the expression of said emotions. The instrumental also is different from what I normally go for. The absence of percussion and the layered parallel mixing of the vocals I think has an interesting effect on the soundscape.

Visually, I wanted to go for a lo-fi, textured, and gritty aesthetic. I think that this compliments not only the narrative provided, but also the themes of the music. Narratively, I aimed to tell a story of someone unhappy with their condition, but feels helpless to fix anything about it, so they go out and indulge in substances to alleviate that pain. I tell this story through first-person-type angles and add various cuts, and cuts to black as if they are trying to remember a certain day. The text displayed throughout the video serves to act like hypothetical questions to distract from the reality that they don’t want to hear. Lastly, the white circle represents a sense of being “drawn” into coping mechanisms that are ultimately harmful.

I hope you enjoyed!

– Noah Rislov