P5: Image Editing

5 Color Exploration Video

For project 5: Image editing, I chose to use a stop motion film style to record a painting of color exploration in nearly 500 frames. For this painting I chose 5 colors, however, I chose these colors under a red light and would not know the true colors until I changed to a white light near the end of the video. As someone who enjoys painting, I had a lot of fun with this experiment. I thought that I had a better understanding of the colors I had selected under the premise of the red light but was still surprised with the true color combination at the end. I chose some upbeat, but relaxed music to accompany the video, and found some title templates to create both an intro and an ending scene in premiere that really tied together this project. After having done this simple painting, I am excited to recreate this project one a larger scale, with more detail and complexity in color combinations. Thanks for watching my video!
By: Ashley O’Connell