5 Things Kay Likes

Surprise! I was able to animate this!

I wanted to do a little animation about things I like, sadly I didn’t have the time to do a full animated video, but I hope you enjoy the little animations I did get to do. Other than that, the video basically shows off things I personally like, such as games, Demon Slayer, painting, markers, and other art stuff. 

Everything in the video, besides the music which was made by Seth_Makes_Sounds” on freesound.org, were created by me. In terms of how long it took me to make the animated parts, it didn’t take me that long. Fun fact, I had to cut the video because when I finished it, it was 3:30. It was mostly because I extended certain parts of the video. Like the Demon Slayer figurine animation, which was originally 21 seconds long and the parts where I showed off my artwork. I ended up putting all my artwork into one frame instead of individual pieces. 

It was a lot of fun making this and I hope you all enjoyed the small little looping GIFS I made for the transitions along with the replacement/stop motion animations!