This is me!

Ok be honest. who else read the title and thought of the song? …. no one, just me?.. ok… Anyway!

Hi I’m Alyssah but you can call me Aly! I’m 19 and in my second year here at lane! I’m going for a multimedia degree with adding the website design certificate. I added the certificate because I took a class that taught me the coding to make a website and I feel in love with the process. I really want to be my own boss and have people come to me to ask for help creating advertisements and to build their brand.

Something about me is that I love music with a really big passion. My playlist is a mixed of a lot of different genres, and I seem to be able to get a long with someone based on music. Some of my passions beside music, is Camping, Fishing, watching movies, and spending time with family! I also Have dyslexia and I take pride in how far i’ve come with it!

I’m really excited to be in this class and what im going to learn in this class! i’m looking forward to meeting you guys and getting to se everyone’s work and take on the project.

By ~ Alyssah Trautman