About Me

Hello, my name is Noah Rislov, and this is my first year here at Lane Community College. Currently I’m studying for Multimedia Design: Animation, but I enjoy exploring many forms of artistic expression. I originally started with music production/composition, and I’ve been working with that on my own time, and with the help of a producer for about 6 years now. From that, I’ve dabbled in video production and editing as well. However, I’m not nearly as versed in that field. Moving forward I want to learn more about animation (specifically computer animation), 3D modeling, and 3D sculpting.

Aside from the more artistic things, I also enjoy cooking, and learning Japanese. My grandpa had introduced me to these hobbies, and I have very fond memories of learning from him. I have also made some forign friends that I want to be able to speak with easier. 

Lastly, I’m originally from Lincoln City which is a small beach town about two hours from here. I haven’t lived here long, but I like it a lot more than there. After my time here, I hope to find a job in design. I look forward to meeting new people, and developing new skills.

By Noah Rislov