about me.

Greetings, I’ve a passion for a number of random things including getting into uncomfortable situations around the world, under-proofing my sourdough loaves and taking the occasional black and white film photo, letting it sit in a random backpack for years and developing it in my bathroom a few years after finishing the roll. I have tried starting business, failed and tried again.

In a previous life I got an AA from LCC transferring to the UO with a BA in Ethnic Studies and a minor obsession with poetry and film classes. After the UO I left the country as fast as humanly possible moving to Thailand where I got an MA in Thai Studies. I’ve learned to write and forgotten to write, learned languages and now also forgotten them, silkscreened and sold t-shirts, worked in numerous random jobs and wandered and taught. Feeling at home while on the move I’ve spent several years taking stock photography and videography as well as written a book sized thesis about discourse analysis using Gramscian and cultural studies theories analysing advertising imagery in Thai lifestyle media. Currently I am attempting to finish my second year of a daily drawing/animation three hundred and sixty five day project.

My dreams from the animation option of the multimedia program is to be able to design, animate and do art on a beach somewhere while saving for a house and small farm in northern Thailand. Essentially to have enough skills to live outside the US but not have to completely rely on English language instruction as a primary career. As such, I hope to start or run my own small multimedia design firm working in realms of the bizarre and strange including games, videos, photos, storytelling, animations and design.