P6 – Final Project. Kitty Vlog!

The experience of making this movie has been extremely fun. Choosing a subject that I enjoy (my cat) was definitely the best thing that I could have done for this project. I was able to just “do” my homework by filming my cat at various points throughout the day and it would literally just be beneficial to the making of this project.

The plan definitely wasn’t perfect. The original intention was to have the movie read like an episode of The Office. I wanted it to be more of a comedy that included lots of talent and cut scenes that involved interviews and things such as that. Unfortunately, most of my talent got Covid-19 in the time that I was going to film their parts of the movie. This obviously made it difficult to complete. This made me make the difficult decision to turn the footage that I had into more of a vlog of Figaro’s life, as if he were a YouTuber.

The one last minute decision that I made was having my best friend Victoria actually be the voice of Figaro. She recovered speedily and was able to come over today (6/4) right before I finished editing everything can gave me that final piece of audio that I needed for me to be completely happy with the way that this movie turned out.