The Crash (P6)

I had a lot of fun while recording for this project! My sister agreed to help me by being my talent for my story. While I was filming, my parents were actually watching TV in the living room. I didn’t want to bother them, so I did not care about the sound that was happening while I was working; I ultimately was going to mute everything. To combat this, I decided to recreate all the sound effects. I had some experience from my previous audio production class, so I enjoyed doing that. I used my phone to record my audio and took a look at my film to get the timing just right.

Filming the ending with my cat was kind of funny. As soon as I staged the food scattered on the ground, he immediately started eating. He is a very food motivated cat. After I did that, I tried to capture some audio of him purring. He is always very happy when he’s around people. He started to rub his head on my tripod while I was filming.

If I were to re-do this project, I would’ve liked to experiment with lighting equipment. I felt that some of the darker scenes didn’t look as smooth as I’d like. I was filming in the evening, so I was not able to get enough natural lighting.