P6 Final Project.

The difficult parts came when I started to edit the video. I first put all the clips in Premiere and edited them how I wanted but realized that it the video came out to be 3 minutes and 11 seconds. So I started to shave off some parts there we are walking or standing and speed up the driving sequences. Another frustrating part was at the very beginning and very end. When we were filming the beginning, I kept on messing up my lines and we were spending too much time on that one scene so I decided that I would just try to fix it in post but the final edit doesn’t sound too good in my opinion. I also had to rush the very end too because of time constraints so it looks and sounds very rushed. I did have fun editing though, my favorite arts of the video are when I edited one audio track over different shots. All in all I think my video would have been much more smooth and overall better if I didn’t have the time limit but I’m glad I could make it work within the 3 minutes.