The final

Wow was this frustrating. Adobe decided that on the day this was due, I needed an older version of my project without a lot of major edits. After fighting with it for quite a while, I resorted to working with what I had, so while this isn’t what I had planned originally it all turn out alright.

I find myself humming a lot of sea shanties at work these days, and I blame the Assassins’ Creed franchise for that entirely, so I thought it would be fun to take what I’ve learned from Audacity and see if I could bring one of these to life. I chose the song “Leave her Johnny” because it is one of the more flowing songs in my rotation and I figured it would sound beautiful on my flute. While trying to looking up the original version of the song, I found many different versions each with their own slightly different lyrics. This made it difficult to come up with a sound place to credit, so what I ended up doing was taking different versus from different versions to make my own version that tries to show the overall story the song tells.

“Leave her Johnny” is a song whose origin isn’t known, but can be traced back to the Ireland area in the early 1900’s. This isn’t a break up song, but rather a song sailors would sing towards the end of the voyage as they where getting ready to leave the sea and/or boat. Some versions tell of terrible working conditions, some sing about the joys of leaving the sea for land, while some seem to be convincing Johnny to leave the ship because their journey is over.

Overall, I hope you feel the same sense of wonder and contentment I do when listening to this song.

Here are a couple of articles if you want to read about what little information we have about this song.

And here are other versions sung, if you would like to listen.