P6 The Fender Stratocaster

Wow! It’s crazy to me how fast this term has flown by! I can’t believe we are already submitting our final projects. This was a vey fun project to make, although it took a lot of diligent research, image editing/audio editing, and video editing. I am still VERY new to Premiere Pro so learning everything was a major adjustment. I am very happy now that I have picked up these skills and plan to utilize them in the future. In terms of how the project went, I struggled at first with making my voice sound good and not drowned out by my music or other audio files. I eventually got the audio as best as I could, but I was sick at the time of recording so I apologize if I sound monotone. Overall, this project improved my vocabulary of Premiere Pro a ton. I hope that you all enjoy the project and possibly learn something you didn’t know before! Thanks again!