P6-Final Project

My son participated  in all of my projects, and we spent a lot of great time together, but I need  to say that it is not easy to work with kids. For moments my son got really tired when something was not good and we needed it to start all over again. I thought it was going to be easy and fast to create a simple video, but I realized that even simple things require time, effort, and dedication. The first thing I did before starting the project was choosing the music.  The music gives me the idea of what type of video I wanted to create. Recording a video or getting still images need special attention in order to create good content. For this video, I tried to use some angles, and also medium shots, and close ups to attract more of my viewers ‘ attention.   Even though all of the inconveniences I had, I would like to say that I  enjoyed  doing this project so much, and  my son had a lot of fun.     

  I think editing was the most challenging part. It requires a great deal of time because we need to  edit the music, video, pictures, and effects.  To edit this project,  I used Premiere Pro and After effects. Now, I feel more confident working with this softwares that I want to continue doing more videos and continuing practicing. Finally, I would like to thank the teacher for this great term.    

Post by Maria