About me

My name is Ridic Ferrand, and I am a multimedia student at Lane Community College. When I am not doing anything related to multimedia in my free time, I like to play chess as having a hobby with logic as the focus creates a nice contrast to all of the creative passions I have for the arts. My reason for being in this program goes back quite a few years to seventh grade, when I first got into animation. The passion I had for creating animations carried me through the multimedia course I took in high school, enjoying every bit of it and wanting more. While my focus has shifted from animation to more live action focused work, my heart still stands in wanting to make video, no matter the medium. Whether I am drawing frames, holding a camera, or making last minute edits to a video before rendering, a career in multimedia is what I have wanted for a long time now. When I finish the Media Arts program at Lane, I hope all of the hard work pays off and I land that dream job of working with a crew to produce videos, air local events, while having the fun that I have experienced in this field for the past few years and hope to enjoy for many years to come.

By: Ridic Ferrand