P1 About Me

Hi everyone!

My name is Logan Habib. I was born in Eugene and have lived here a majority of my life. I briefly spent time in the small town of Crystal River, Florida from the age of two till’ the age of four. Honestly, it’s one of my least favorite places, having visited it again in recent years, and I am more than happy to have moved here. I have always loved animation and the process behind creating it. I used to create Youtube videos when I was younger and in these videos, I created animated short stories. I modeled, animated and rendered all the videos myself and found a lot of joy in doing so. I also really enjoy creating in the numerous Adobe Creative Cloud apps. This passion I found is the whole reason why I chose to study Multimedia Design at LCC. I was previously enrolled at LCC to obtain a Journalism and Communications degree, but decided it wasn’t for me. One day, I aspire to be an animator either independently or for a company.

I’ve always really enjoyed sports or any form of physical activity to keep me going. I was a Second Team All-League lacrosse goalie for Churchill High School both years I played, from 2016-2017. It’s been a long time since I have played, but I still enjoy keeping up with the PLL or Premier Lacrosse League. It still fires me up seeing the best compete against one another. Aside from sports, my other hobbies include video games, playing the saxophone, hanging with friends and family, and overall just living life.

As I stated, after I complete the Media Arts Program, I plan to become an animator. Animation fascinates me because it is the act of creating static imagery to simulate movement. There are countless possibilities/scenarios that an individual can create when they are creating animation and that’s why I can’t wait to create my own advanced animation projects. I also very much enjoy films, so being able to produce on a film set would also be very cool.

I am beyond excited to being this journey into the program with you all and can’t wait to enrich my mind with new information!!!

By: Logan Habib