Kameron Taylor’s Screw Your 20’s Podcast

The goal I am trying to accomplish with this sound recording is to create a professional level listening experience in the version, or outlet of a podcast. As of right now, this initial three-minute clip serves not only as a school project, but a solid foundation of knowledge to continue this further and start my podcast. This process has taught me what is necessary to create a podcast and has made me become more knowledgeable about the composition of sound, and the post-process involved. Regarding the podcast preview I have created; the purpose is to get the audience intrigued into the potential of listening in further by gathering the interest of the listeners. The clip used is a brief portion of a full hour and a half recording, and the topic is what success looks like in the eyes of “20 something” American’s. We touch on unrealistic expectations, how we feel about where we are now while expressing complete honesty, and vulnerability. Being limited to only three minutes made it somewhat challenging, but I opted for the option of creating a “preview” of the full version to compose a completed display to negate the feeling of an incomplete podcast. Overall, I would say I am happy about how it turned out, and I will continue to make more content in the future!

1 thought on “Kameron Taylor’s Screw Your 20’s Podcast

  1. Riki Stewart

    You did very well in making it sound like a professional podcast. It was nice to hear not just on a surface level but also in the message that it sends.

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