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This picture was taken at Smith Rock, state park here in Oregon.

Hello my name is Bryson Edlund, my nicknames for short are Bryce and Bry. I was born and raised here in Oregon, I really like traveling through Oregon, finding new great things and places in Oregon. I have been to ghosts towns in Oregon, great museums of Oregon’s past and history, went to the Astoria’s Column, and so much more here. My hobbies are drawing, Legos, watching movies and shows, and video games. I really enjoy drawing because it is where I can create my own stuff from my imagination and it is a great way to tell a small story of every drawing I do and have. I have always collected Legos, I get Star Wars and Marvel sets because they my my favorite films and comics. My dad got me into Legos and we really enjoy making our own mocs and collecting. I enjoy watching good movies and shows, my favorite creators are Stan Lee, George Lucas, and Christopher Nolan, I really like their films and their stories. Finally video games, they are fun to play, my favorite games are the story based games. I came to Lane Community College for the one year certificate in multimedia design, but I am thinking about the degree in multimedia design. I might change my mind if I want to keep on going. I want to be an animator and a filmmaker. I want to make my own films and shows, tell my own stories, and create my own characters. I thinking filmmaking is a great experience and looks very fun to do. I have been wanting to get into the film industry for several years of my life. 

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Melvin Stratis

    Hey Bry,
    You’ve got a pretty neat bio. I’m a pretty big fan of Marvel Comics as well! I used be pretty into Lego’s too. Interesting enough! Filming and animating sounds like a lot of fun !

  2. Jasem Dulany

    Nice post Bryson, I myself love a good Christopher Nolan film. If someone could just break down the most recent film of his Tenet in a way I could understand, I could finally have some peace in my life haha I look forward to more post from you!

  3. Riki

    In trying to learn animation myself I can definitely say that of all the different media, animation is one of the best ways to create stories since much like Legos you have a lot of control over how exactly you want to create something.

  4. Brittany Emery

    Hello Bryson, Drawing is so much fun isn’t it get and idea and just got to put it down on paper, I’m an artist myself and i always find the most join in drawing even if i don’t finish an art piece. Story driven video games are so fun what type of story driven games have you played? i have a ton of games ive played and loved mainly due to story.

  5. Teresa Hughes

    Bryson, With your strong interest in animation and film, I’d encourage you to look into our new Animation degree we are offering. We have a new instructor who is incredibly talented in animation and in the fall we’ll be officially be up and running! Nice write-up and picture…I appreciate you re-sizing it.

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