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At the time during 2007, I was aware of CGI from a few other movies but I have not really seen it to the extent that Transformers brought it. Although I merely brushed it off as something that was particularly cool. When it came time to think about what I wanted to do with my life I struggled just as much as everyone does on such a life-changing choice. From a young age, I have been trying to make doodles of spectacular ideas and gave up due to my lack of skill. I eventually came to the decision to do something that I thought would be cool as well as reasonably plausible. I came to the idea of CGI from learning more deeply about it from doing some research. I watched a few tutorials on some very beginner-friendly software in the later years of high school and have been determined to become proficient in CGI since then. Unlike in the past, I am committed to learning the craft to satiate my inner creativity. At the time of typing this the Media Arts program was the only real path that encapsulated this idea. However, the animation pathway will open up soon. This way I can properly create visual spectacles within the animated medium.

by Riki Stewart

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