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Starting this new chapter to my life after falling off a roof last summer and breaking my heel. Before the injury I spent a majority of my free time involved in athletics of some sort, I played college basketball about 10 years ago, I’ve spent the last 10 coaching at Thurston High School, I got into distance running and bouldering as well. My life pretty much revolved around these activities. While in the process of recovering from my injury I decided to take up photography as a hobby, I realized that it gave me a creative expression and an opportunity to capture all of my future adventures with friends. After taking a digital photography class in the Winter I decided to make a career change and pursue multi-media. 

I’ve started two businesses in the last 7 years and have always had to high someone to do the graphic design work, product shoots, and video work. I hope through this program that I can develop those skills to help my current business as well as future ones. I feel like we are moving towards a gig economy and I’m looking to add to my skill set.

5 thoughts on “Jasem Dulany’s Blog

  1. Melvin

    Hey Jasem,
    That’s unfortunate that you had the big fall and hurt yourself. I find it interesting you coached basket ball! I hope you enjoy the media arts program!

  2. Bryson Edlund

    Its great on how much you have done and accomplished. I actually lost one of my ear bones in my right ear and now I have to wear a hearing aid for the rest of my life. Its always great that everyone follows their passion for what they enjoy doing and making a career out of it.

    Bryson Edlund

  3. Kameron R Taylor

    What an interesting story! It’s nice to have someone in the class that has business experience and is able to put actual value to the multi-media, or rather use it as a tool to add value to yourself and your business. I like that even though there is monetary value in these skills, you have learned to enjoy media as a form of creative expression and pursuing it as a career.
    In regards to your injury, I am so sorry that happened to you. As an athlete, an injury can totally change your life- Life-altering honestly. Though it seems like you’ve taken the injury and made the most out of the situation, still being active in the basketball community. It’s probably helped you grow in other ways!
    Thank you for sharing,

  4. Miya Ott

    Sorry to hear about your injury! That’s really cool that you are learning skills to help bring to your own business. Photography is also a really fun hobby to get in to.

  5. Teresa Hughes

    Jasem, Wow, what a journey! Sounds like you are on the right path with Multimedia with your creative talent and your drive for business. Glad you decided to make the career change…not an easy thing to do (back in school)…I appreciate your discipline. Can’t wait to see what you do!

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