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Starting this new chapter to my life after falling off a roof last summer and breaking my heel. Before the injury I spent a majority of my free time involved in athletics of some sort, I played college basketball about 10 years ago, I’ve spent the last 10 coaching at Thurston High School, I got into distance running and bouldering as well. My life pretty much revolved around these activities. While in the process of recovering from my injury I decided to take up photography as a hobby, I realized that it gave me a creative expression and an opportunity to capture all of my future adventures with friends. After taking a digital photography class in the Winter I decided to make a career change and pursue multi-media. 

I’ve started two businesses in the last 7 years and have always had to high someone to do the graphic design work, product shoots, and video work. I hope through this program that I can develop those skills to help my current business as well as future ones. I feel like we are moving towards a gig economy and I’m looking to add to my skill set.

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