About Me

By: Shaymus Marshall

Hi. My name is Shaymus and I am a 17 year old college student studying to be a vfx artist/editor. I am from a small town in Pennsylvania but I moved to Oregon in the 7th grade because of my mom’s work. In highschool I swam and played water polo for South Eugene High, but due to Covid I ended up graduating early from high school so I will not be able to do my senior year of sports. Despite not being able to do my senior year of sports it is a good thing that I can start college early. During my time in high school to now I have been learning how to use the 3d program Blender which has been very fun and a great look into what I could possibly be doing in the future and with Blender being free anyone can get their start in VFX. In my free time I like to play all types of video games although if I were to pick my favorite genres they would be fighting games, jrpgs, roguelikes, and metroidvanias. I am very excited to be in the Multimedia program and I am looking forward to see where this journey goes.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Riki

    I have been meaning to learn Blender myself. For editing, I would highly recommend getting DaVinci Resolve if you haven’t already as it is also free and relatively easy to learn.

  2. Teresa Hughes

    Shaymus, Congratulations for graduating early from high school! Glad you choose LCC and Multimedia.
    Sounds like this is the right decision. Can’t wait to see what you do in class…most importantly, have fun!

    1. Teresa Hughes

      -5 No photo…let me know if you need some help with learning how to upload an image.

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