About Me

By: Shaymus Marshall

Hi. My name is Shaymus and I am a 17 year old college student studying to be a vfx artist/editor. I am from a small town in Pennsylvania but I moved to Oregon in the 7th grade because of my mom’s work. In highschool I swam and played water polo for South Eugene High, but due to Covid I ended up graduating early from high school so I will not be able to do my senior year of sports. Despite not being able to do my senior year of sports it is a good thing that I can start college early. During my time in high school to now I have been learning how to use the 3d program Blender which has been very fun and a great look into what I could possibly be doing in the future and with Blender being free anyone can get their start in VFX. In my free time I like to play all types of video games although if I were to pick my favorite genres they would be fighting games, jrpgs, roguelikes, and metroidvanias. I am very excited to be in the Multimedia program and I am looking forward to see where this journey goes.

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