P1 – About Brittany

Hello, I am Brittany. I am 29 years old, born in Colorado Springs but I have lived most of my life here in Oregon. I attended LCC once before back in 2012-2013 ended up having to drop out due to life circumstances that left me with no choice, I’m now back again to finally finish and get a degree, I started out with the Game Dev art option but had to change degree paths due to issues with some classes for the game degree, so at this moment I’m not entirely sure what I want to do once I’m done with my degree, I’d love to work in video games as an artist but I am also pretty flexible and will do any job that I know I can do well. I enjoy playing video games doing art, my favorite painting is Starry Night by Van Gogh I actually have the painting tattooed on my left upper arm I have 4 tattoos total. I love the color purple and hanging out with friends. I may seem quite when you first meet me but once you get to know me and I open up I’ll talk your ear off. I am also polyamorous, I have a husband and a partner out of state. The pandemic has been hard on my family we are coming out of the worst of it, but like most people we can all agree the pandemic was not nice to our mental health or our wellbeing, I have learned how important it is to stay in touch with friends (within your own capabilities and comfort of course) and finding ways to hangout with people while being distant. anyway its nice to meet you all and hope we all have a good Spring term. By: Brittany Emery

Me and my doggo Riley

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