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My name is Chayton Storm. I am a 19-year-old college student born and raised in Grants Pass Oregon. I moved up to Springfield Oregon in August of last year and have been living with my significant other and best friend. 

We are almost a year down the road and have done well up here since the move. I believe I was more prepared than several people my age and this is thanks to my outstanding parents who taught me to respect myself and those deserving, openness, honesty, and most certainly responsibility. It has been a blessing now that I am on my own and can take care of the people I love the same way I was taken care of.

I work in a Deli as of today, and have met some amazing people. I was worried about not having connections up here and being stranded when in need, but I have learned to open myself up to people willing to help. I do enjoy what I do, but will be leaving the food service game as soon as possible to jump into the world of media and design.

As far as hobbies go, I do a lot of bike riding. I love to explore the streets of Eugene but I frequently visit Eugene’s skatepark with my roommate. We like to go at 2 or 3 am to make sure we can freely enjoy the park to ourselves while working extremely hard to improve our riding skills. 

I also have been gradually building experience and skill with my camera. After leaving Grants Pass, I don’t explore as much, so I have less opportunities to capture new places and moments in life, so I am focusing on portrait photography. I would like to be much further than I am now, but between work, taking care of my living space, and other hobbies, I don’t get around to it as much as I’d like.

I am an avid gamer as well and am currently working on getting new equipment to fit my tastes and needs. I enjoy fps games, but you can’t go wrong with some action or adventure RPG and even some Survival.

Design and creating have been a passion of mine since I could remember. I was very fond of art and drawing at a young age, but haven’t built on those skills as much as I’d like. Currently I have outlined and designed a small personal clothing brand just out of interest in fashion and creating. I am having a few pieces produced just so I can share them with people in my personal life and community.

That is a quick look into the life of Chayton Storm. I have so much more to accomplish and learn, and I am always taking steps towards that goal.

By: Chayton Storm

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