P6: Graffiti from an Offbeat Perspective

I had a lot of fun with this project, I wasn’t certain what to focus on until walking downtown one day the idea for a graffiti short came to me. Street art has always been an intrigue of mine, its another world in a sense. When I was little my dad and I would bike down to the train yard and watch the art pass on the trains.

I think I unpacked some good information considering the time requirement and how limited my source options were; most people in the graffiti scenes don’t want themselves on record talking about it because of the legality.

2 thoughts on “P6: Graffiti from an Offbeat Perspective

  1. Jessica Duff

    I would love to see some community investment in providing more areas for graffiti art. We already have a lot of art on buildings and more of it would provide more opportunity for tourism from instagram pics and more public art for all to enjoy.
    Great job on your video. The topic and presentation made me want to keep watching the full documentary! I think some of the text could maybe be a bit more solid with the moving text more in the background, but I still think it did a great job in the style of the topic.

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