My personal experience with this final Multi Media Project was very exciting. The video that I created came out the way I wanted it to come out but honestly it came out better then what I thought it would. Some challenges I’ve faced was editing the video and putting the correct type of lighting. Once I was able to understand how I could make my video more cinematic it all come to me naturally. This was by far one of my best projects, I even made sure to create a water mark for my video to prove I own it. Making cinematic videos is very fun for me and I enjoy doing this kind of work, it reminds me of how Hollywood movies are made. I learned a lot from this project and I could say that there is more work to be done so I can improve on my videos.

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  1. Jessica Duff

    That looks like a beautiful location. I appreciated your style of panning and the way you edited this together. The bit with the water going back and forth in time was a nice touch. I hope you get to be in the Video Production class soon!

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