Whatever Happened To Whatisname?

This is hands-down the most detailed animation I’ve ever done, in terms of the constant movement and action occuring. It took me about a week per minute of animation, which is a lot slower than I usually operate. (To be fair, I was also doing a 3-minute animation final in my FA-250 class, which resulted in both of them taking a ridiculously long time)

This is an animation of an old Transformers comic! “Whatever Happened to Whatisname?” was written by Marty Isenberg and illustrated by Marcelo Matere as a part of Transformers Animated: The Arrival #2. In animating it, I put movement to every last shot and it was remarkably challenging but I’m pretty proud of how it turned out.

2 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To Whatisname?

  1. John Adair

    Wow, that was genuinely impressive. I can 100% seeing that being an actual scene from a cartoon show. You clearly should’ve taken this class a long time ago, you’re too advanced lol. Great, it was an easy start and end to the sound, ,neither were abrupt. The mixing was great too, as well as the foley work.

  2. Sydney Hammer-Powell

    Very careful and creative work! the animation is super clean and professional

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