P5 Image Editing

My project is introducing 4 out of 8 of my pets. I hope you enjoy the short video ( if it ever loads properly ) otherwise we’ll have to just watch it from the Adobe Premier Pro program (Pr). Pr can do so many things! I found so many things I really enjoyed with the program as well as many things I’d change if I could. This was my first experience using Premier Pro and the options on what is possible is pretty vast. It was good to have the audio project first! Some of the things I would change is to not have the adobe stock audios/visuals even available if you don’t have the additional subscription for them. However, I see the marketing aspect of it being useful. I thought the way you can export your video straight to YouTube or any other platform is the most convenient. For some reason, I struggled to get my file format to export from .prproj to anything else. I did try exporting you tube but it’s still at 0%. Looking forward to it uploading completely.

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