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My name is Jenel Chandler, I write random, here are some thoughts that make me … me.

Today on Instagram I heard a motivational-ish speaker say something I thought was interesting. A fan of his told him he thought he had a boring life and asked Gary what he could do to become less boring. Gary told him “you’re only boring to yourself, other people are always interesting to other people, but never to themself.”

I guess I’ve told “interesting” stories about myself multiple times, they have become boring to me, and sometimes it makes me think it will be boring to a new person. I have found that if someone does think it’s boring then who cares, if I think it’s interesting, that’s what matters. If I’m happy, that’s what matters. I’m mostly happy when others are happy so in turn, I have decided that it’s not about whether or not you’re interesting, it’s whether or not you’re happy and if you are happy because someone else is happy then it’s a bonus.

I like to work out, go to specific concerts when available, paint, doodle, look at outer space, be a mom, travel, learn new healthy clean eating recipes, and try to be a good person. I was born in Oregon City but lived in Lincoln City for 7 years and the coast is the place I love more than anything. My mom grew up in Portland. What I’d like to do when I finish the arts program is find something satisfying that I can be happy doing whether it be working for an organization or freelancing. Right now, I wouldn’t mind working for Adobe so I can tell them their software is kind of insane for beginners.

These were some photos I used in Digital Photography to attempt to describe myself. I have a big dog there, her name is Jozū. She’s 1/2 Pit-Bull, 1/4 Great Dane, and 1/4 Mastiff

by: Jenel Chandler

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  1. Jessica Duff

    Jenel, I love the coast too! Is Lincoln City your favorite coastal city?
    It is interesting how we can have a different opinion of ourselves that how others see us. It’s great life advice about learning about what makes you happy.

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