Motion, Light and Curiosity…

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something.

~ Edward Everette Hale

My vision is to have a positive impact in our world through research and community development. With my BA in Linguistics, I developed my interest in cultural anthropology, human geography, public policy and sociology. After contracting malaria while doing fieldwork and spending more than ten years with a life-changing chronic illness, a new medicine now allows me to explore the boundaries of my disability.

Last year, my GIS final project in micro-housing land opportunities inspired me during an internship at a local nonprofit supporting homeless women in our city. Pre-Covid there had been workshops providing art and activities that we hope to restart. One goal is to set up a mobile recording studio to help homeless record their stories and music. Now as a board member, the media arts program and art courses will help facilitate several of these goals.

Media Arts provides the tools and expression to creatively and effectively communicate in seconds, a message, a feeling and a connection to the world around us. The world around us has beauty, pain and hope. As I continue this journey of discovery, I find that I love this form of creative expression. It is who I am.

Landscape and Architecture


Making Pizza With My Dad